Terms and Conditions

For renting and stay in one of our accommodations, the following rental and payment conditions and rules.

If you have any questions about the terms of Moulin de la Fayolle, please complete the contact form.
You can also send an E-mail or make a call.

Following general house rules are part of the conditions:

  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Our house is a non-smoking area. You are welcome to smoke outside.
  • Breakfast is available between 08:00 and 9:30 (unless otherwise agreed).


  1. Reservation and payment
    Reservations can be made via the contact form or by telephone. After our confirmation of your reservation within 14 days, unless agreed otherwise, be paid a deposit of 50% of the total. Upon receipt of the deposit the reservation is final. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The remaining amount must be paid upon arrival.
  2. Landlord
    By landlord we mean: Bob and Jos Mud, Moulin de la Fayolle, 63 440, Blot-l’Église, France (FRANCE). Telephone: 0033473864562, Mobile: 0033630473627, email: info@moulindelafayolle.fr.
  3. Rental Period
    Bookings for the apartment are possible for a period of at least two days. The rental period begins on the first rental day at 15:00 and ends on the last rental day at 11.00. Exceptions are permissible if agreed to do so in writing on different days and / or times for the beginning and / or end of the lease by the tenant and landlord.
    The chambres “Janny”, “Annie” or “Chambre d’Amis” can be rented for one or more nights.
  4. High and low season prices
    No distinction is made in high and low season rates (the discounts are already included in the price).
  5. Odds
    If due to circumstances beyond the rental before the start of or during the rental period uninhabitable or has been hard hit habitable, landlord will refund a proportionate part of the rent paid. Also, if desired, the landlord will mediate in finding an alternative accommodation. The landlord, however, is not liable for further damages of any nature whatsoever, by force majeure. These comprise conditions that could affect the quality of the stay in the apartment, such as fire, flood, abnormal rainfall, storm, odor nuisance, water and power failure and other external influences.
  6. Included costs
    Costs for use of water, gas and electricity are included in the rent, as well as the tourist tax. Cleaning fees are listed separately in the list of tariffs. Tenants must clean the apartment and rooms of course – at the discretion of the landlord – neatly behind.
  7. Pay rent
    Payment of the rent take place in two installments, with the exception of the situations listed in Section 7.3 of these conditions. After the first installment has been paid, the tenant receives a confirmation of receipt of this payment, plus the date we expect you at Moulin de la Fayolle.
    The first installment is 50% of the total, as stated on the lease. These must be made within 14 days after the date of the signed lease (by Dutch guests) IBAN number NL20INGB0003923504 name of BAR Mud.
    Non-Dutch tenants use IBAN FR7616806022006606513866361 name of M. ou Mme MUD Bob Albertus, Moulin de la Fayolle, Blot-l’Église, France. BIC code: AGRIFRPP868.
    The second period (the remaining 50% of the rent) is required before arrival or paid on arrival of the rental period at the point 7.1. said payment or cash.
    In a contract, which is less than four weeks is entered into before the commencement of the agreed rental period, the total amount within 7 days after the date of the signed lease to be paid to in paragraph 7.1 above payment.
    Upon arrival € 50 cash deposit to be paid. The deposit is to charge for any damage caused by the tenant and, if proved unnecessary at the end of the rental period cash refunded.
  8. Travel and cancellation insurance
    It is important that the tenant is himself a travel and / or cancellation shut. Compensation for costs incurred can then be filed with the insurance.
    Cancellations must be made by telephone or e-mail. In case of cancellation the following charges:
    – For cancellations from eight weeks before the arrival date: 50% of the rent.
    – For cancellations from 2 to 8 weeks before the arrival date: 75% of the rent.
    – Cancellation up to two weeks prior to arrival: the full rent.
    Should we for (part of) the tenancy find a replacement tenant, the total amount will be refunded proportionately.
  9. Damage
    Damage in, around and / or with respect to the leased property, the tenant must inform the landlord. In cases of gross negligence / negligence of the tenant will be the damage to him / her be recovered.
  10. Liability
    The landlord is not liable for:
    – Damage to or theft of belongings of the tenant
    – Accident or injury of the tenant during the stay unless there is negligence or a breach by the landlord.
    Renters are responsible for damage to the premises, the grounds and damage to property of other tenants. This also applies to his co-tenants, pets and visitors allowed by the tenant.
    These conditions and frequent disputes are subject to French law.