Last update on “I’m Leaving”


Many of you already know that we are followed by the Dutch program “I’m Leaving” (“Ik Vertrek“) of the Avro/Tros. They were there from the start of our adventure together with their camera went to: the many signatures at the notary in May 2014, the first (break) jobs, the installation of our new pellet stove last year, not long ago, the official opening of the apartment on October 10th. We have also sent hours of footage, which they could easily make a real life continuing story.
At this time the images are assembled and we are told that the broadcast beginning in 2016 will be on display. When our episode aired, we will post a link here. We hope you’ll enjoy our episode

Opnames nabij Moulin.

Shooting nearby.

crew ik vertrek

Film crew Joost and Joost.


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